Make a Timelapse with Photos: A Guide for Advertising and Video/Film Production

Oct 10, 2023

Are you looking to add a captivating visual element to your advertising or video/film production? A timelapse created with photos can be an excellent choice! In this comprehensive guide, Bonomotion, a leading company in Advertising and Video/Film Production, will provide you with expert tips and techniques on how to create stunning timelapse videos using photographs. Read on to unlock the secrets of this popular and eye-catching visual technique.

The Power of Timelapse

Timelapse videos are a highly effective way to engage your audience and convey information in a visually captivating manner. By condensing hours, days, or even months into a short video clip, you can highlight changes that occur slowly over time, such as the construction of a building, the blooming of flowers, or the movement of clouds. Timelapse videos are not only visually appealing but also versatile, making them ideal for a wide range of purposes, including advertising campaigns, documentaries, and corporate videos.

Getting Started

To create a timelapse with photos, you'll need a few essential tools and follow a step-by-step process:

1. Equipment

To capture high-quality timelapse footage, you'll need the following equipment:

  • A DSLR camera or a smartphone with a capable camera
  • A stable tripod
  • Intervalometer or timelapse app (if your camera doesn't have a built-in interval shooting mode)
  • Ample storage space for your photos

2. Planning

Before starting your timelapse project, it's essential to plan ahead:

  • Select a subject: Choose a subject that undergoes visible changes over time. Examples include cityscapes, nature scenes, or even the hustle and bustle of a busy street.
  • Time and duration: Determine the best time to capture your subject and estimate the duration of your timelapse. Consider weather conditions, lighting, and any other factors that may affect the final result.
  • Composition: Frame your shot creatively, keeping in mind the Rule of Thirds and other composition techniques to create visually appealing timelapse footage.

3. Capture

Once you have your equipment ready and a solid plan in place, it's time to start capturing your timelapse:

  • Set up your tripod and securely attach your camera.
  • Configure the camera settings: Shoot in RAW if possible for maximum post-processing flexibility. Set a suitable interval between shots, depending on the speed of the changes you want to capture.
  • Start shooting: Depending on the duration of your timelapse, this can take anywhere from minutes to several hours. Be patient and avoid moving the camera or changing the composition during the capture process.

4. Post-Processing

Once you have captured a sequence of photographs, it's time to transform them into a captivating timelapse:

  • Transfer your photos to a computer or laptop for easier post-processing.
  • Choose a reliable editing software that suits your needs. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and LRTimelapse are popular options among professionals.
  • Import your photos into the software and adjust the sequence if necessary.
  • Edit your timelapse: Make color corrections, stabilize shaky footage, and add any additional effects or music to enhance the final result.
  • Export your timelapse video in a suitable format for sharing or further distribution.

Advanced Techniques

For those looking to take their timelapse skills to the next level, consider experimenting with advanced techniques:

1. Hyperlapse

A hyperlapse is a form of timelapse that involves capturing footage while moving the camera over long distances. By carefully planning your route and movement, you can achieve stunning cinematic results. Keep in mind you may need additional stabilization equipment, such as a gimbal, to ensure smooth footage.

2. Day-to-Night Transitions

Create a timelapse that showcases the transition from day to night or vice versa. This technique requires adjusting camera settings gradually as light conditions change. The result is a visually striking video that highlights the passing of time.


Making a timelapse with photos can be an incredibly rewarding endeavor. Whether you're using it for advertising purposes or video/film production, a well-executed timelapse has the power to captivate and engage your audience. With the expert tips and techniques provided by Bonomotion, you're now equipped with the knowledge to create stunning timelapse videos that can outshine your competitors.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Take the time to plan, capture, and post-process your timelapses, ensuring attention to detail at every step. As technology continues to improve, so do the creative possibilities for timelapse videos. Embrace this exciting visual technique and unlock its full potential for your business.

make a timelapse with photos
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